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~ Look up! Look up! The clouds are lifting, the sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world. A kind new world where men will rise above their hate and brutality. ~

Im already moving away and everything is so exciting. But I lost my internet connection before i had planned and i did not have time to queue anything so sorry everyone! Ill be back soon tho untill then have fun. And my inbox is still open so stop by!

im moving away in 3 days, and i still have to pack, say goodbye to my family n friends, buy food, clean this place up, etc. i also wont have internet connection for some time, so i hope you wait for me (will queue some posts in the meantime). finally some of my wishes are coming to life, this is all so important to me, thank you all


Boy Playing a Flute, Hendrick ter Brugghen, 1621

On a happier note, look at this book that has “text” written on it on case you forget what goes in books.

Saint John the Baptist, known as Bacchus, workshop of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Emperor Huizong (possibly), Auspicious Cranes, c.1112, ink and colour on silk, [no dimensions], Liaoning Provincial Museum, Shenyang. Source
The V&A states that cranes were seen as symbols of opportunity and long-lasting prosperity in traditional Chinese painting.

The "The Tea Party" — Vladimir Yegorovich Makovsky | 1875–1897
The painting is currently on display at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

THE 2 BEARS “NOT THIS TIME” new music video!!

this is great, ive been listening to it countless times
mom: we didn't raise you to charge your sugar daddies this little

Spray of Flowers - Eugene Boudin, oil painting reproductions

Colossal Sculpture Depicting Hercules. Roman. Flavian Period. 2nd.century AD.

Girl With Cherries (detail); attributed to Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis (circa 1455-after 1508), but possibly by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (1467–1516)
oil on wood, c. 1491-5

"Girl with Cherries […] shows an artist grappling with Leonardo’s ideas and technique […] The vibrant sense of life in her curls is a testament to Leonardo’s love of the movement of hair, which he saw as similar to water currents and other paradigms of motion and which he studied in many drawings." [source]

im still sad samurai jack did not get an actual ending to the story, and i will remind this to everyone for forever